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Practical CWD Video for Hunters Who Want to Learn and See More

Produced in cooperation with American Outdoor Productions, this instructional video entitled "Shedding Light on Chronic Wasting Disease” discusses important facts about CWD and provides:

  • Close-up views of lymph nodes and their locations
  • A 3D model illustrating the CWD hot spots in a deer and elk
  • A hunter, in the field, demonstrating the boning-out of a deer and removal of the tissues where CWD is found
  • A home processing section showing how to eliminate any of the remaining potentially diseased areas
  • Suggested care that should be taken by the professional processor
  • Footage portraying CWD symptoms in live animals
  • Procedure for presenting a proper sample for testing
  • The proper way to hang an animal in CWD areas
  • A brief historical perspective from an individual who saw some of the first recorded cases
  • An interview with the late Beth Williams, one of the top authorities who originally diagnosed CWD and her thoughts on hunting in CWD areas
  • Advice on compliance with state carcass transportation regulations

"Shedding Light on Chronic Wasting Disease" is available in DVD format at a retail price of $14.95 plus $2.00 shipping/handling (VHS not available). Quantity discounts are available.

A one-time immediate view on the web is available for customers with high speed connections such as cable or DSL for $2.95. After viewing online, if you decide to purchase the DVD, the cost of the one-time view is deducted from the final DVD cost.



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